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Everyday Moments

When I saw some of the complete projects (featured above) that were in the Everyday Moments Collection, I knew that I was going to have fun with this and I know that you will enjoy it.

It is just perfect for crafting up pre-designed Scrapbook Layouts & cards for those every day moments we scrap & give cards out. But it also has an amazing range of images that can be used on their own once you use ungroup & hide contours – but we will get to that in a moment.

Now it is important to note that this new Close to My Heart Cricut® Everyday Moments Collection is only available through my website and is not available in Access or directly through cricut.com. 

Now the Cricut® Everyday Moments Collection says it has 21 images, but really it is 21 complete projects. Take a look at this amazing Documented Scrapbook Layout project.

If I ungroup (circled in the top right corner) my project in Design Space, I can get to a couple of couple of images that I might want to use on their own in a different project.

Below I decided I wanted these three images out of that layout to use on a different project.

Now you can either delete the unwanted layers or hide them (you can see circled in red I hid the tag) – the choice is yours. I tend to hide first & delete later – just in case I want to use another element & I don’t have to bring in the whole layout again.

I can now start to order my pieces change colours to get my project together.

And now for the fun to begin, putting together a completed projects, I made two different ones using the same elements , just resized.

The first is this card where I stamped Strokes of an Artist in Mink Ink & overlaid the flower border. I stamped the cute squirrel from the Operation Smile™ Stamp Set You Make Me happy & coloured in markers & added one of the sentiments.

For the 8½” x 11″ Scrapbook layout I repeated the base process of stamping with Strokes of an Artist in Mink Ink & overlaid the the flower border.

I stamped a sentiment & circle from Some Kind of Wonderful one tiny change I made to the flower border was add some extra colour to the leaves & flowers using markers.

To complete the layout I cut an extra flower border & cut it into pieces for extra embellishments & added some White Acrylic Hearts to complete it off.

Make sure you check out each project in the Cricut® Everyday Moments Collection as you may come across an image that be perfect for what you want to create, you can even mix & match images across the different projects or even create using the same elements on different projects.

Til next time, see you soon & keep creating!




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