4 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Did you leave your gift shopping for Christmas to the last minute like me?

Well CTMH blog has some amazing last minute ideas that you still have time to create – I mean there is still 5 days including today left – eeeek! I better get a wriggle on.
Source: 4 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Take a deep breath, Relax & Create!

Have You Never Been Mellow?
If you answered Yes then maybe you should try creating something for no reason.

After a long day at work or school, what are your favourite ways to wind down and decompress?
For me it is to create & have fun in the process.

I like to read, draw & paint & I do create sort of for work but I do not find it very creative.
I also have an hour half journey home from work so that is when the art journal or the laptop comes out I either draw in pen or onto illustrator. And then if I still need to unwind or to continue to create, then craft stuff comes out & I just play with it.
I have nothing in my mind to actually make anything as long as I just create.

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Procraftination, Proscrapination, Prostampination or just plain old Procrastination

Tonight I am prcraftinating, proscrapinating, prostaminating well really just procrastinating!

I am being unproductively creative specifically.

I started a bunch of other projects when I should had been working on the wedding card. I want to make it special & I loads of ideas but could not settle on one.

So what do I do I pulled out some my toys to make an off the page project then my scrapbooking in hopes that it will channel so of the ideas, then I pulled out my stamps to start on something else. & all I have really made is a huge mess of my toys. Which I now have to clear away for the end of the day or the cats will play with them. Well really they will sleep on top of the work, the little one will eat the paper & the big one will nudge something off the table just because he can..  Sigh!

And what am I doing instead of clearing away? I am procrastinating! – Writing a blog post about my little hops & flutters from one project to the next. Checking my wordpress reader – all in the name of doing something else other than what I should be doing.

Ok time to stop the procrastinating & get onto what needs to be done – mmm but I just realise there is actually something good on TV tonight & well I still haven’t read that blog post & I am pretty sure I have some pretty flowers in the bottom of the cupboard which will work on the wedding card. So If I start pulling everything out now. Oh and I still have to sleep & tomorrow is Sunday so I have plenty of time….

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”
― Marthe Troly-Curtin

Yes I realise the irony of placing this in the category of inspiration - maybe it should be lack of...