Tutorial: Joyfold Card from a pre-scored card

Modify the white cards from the White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack into a Fancy or Different Fold

I know some people may find the pre-scored cards that come in the White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack a little restricting & may only think you can create a standard fold with the card – I get it there is a score line smack bang in the middle of the card how can you create a fancy fold with that?

Do not let this scored line get in your way of creating fancy or different folds – in fact use that score line to your advantage to create these fancy folds. Plus the advantage is that you will ALWAYS have envelopes that will fit your cards. I know I have created many of a fancy fold in the past that meant also having to create a custom envelope. No need to do that with these cards.

So I thought I would share some of my ideas, measurements & of course pics of the cards that I have customised. You will start to really recognise why this is called a value pack! To start the whole series off is the Joyfold Card.

Joyfold cards

Joyfold cards are basically two cards rolled into one. You can get some really great results using a variety of contrasting papers on the different panels of the card and you can also experiment with shape, size and fold placement for unique looks. But I am here to show you how to create one using one of the pre-scored cards from the White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack so unless you are going to cut down the size, the size is standard – but you could experiment where you cut the front panel & where you place the smaller card.

How To Steps

1. Take one of the White cards from the White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack & cut the front panel vertically in half – it is about 5.5cm or for those of you who love inches (sorry this Aussie Baby grew up with metric) 2 1/4 inch. The measurement doesn’t need to be exact but this size will give you a good panel to work with in creating the JoyFold Card.

Cutting Measurements for White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack to create Joy Fold Card www.maz.closetomyheart.com.au2. Now I found the cut off piece too small for my liking to create the inner card – but for the purpose of showing how to create this card, I used it. I just folded it in half & well it makes the whole thing pretty economical. I personally like the cardstock a little taller and about the same width. It means cutting up another piece of cardstock but have a play. I like the inner cardtock to be around 7cm or 2 3/4inches tall by 14cm or 5 1/2inches wide.


Cutting Measurements for White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack to create Joy Fold Card www.maz.closetomyheart.com.au3. Now the fun part the decorating part – you want to place the background paper of your choice on the inside of the card first before adding the inner card. Now you can do the whole card or just the part you see – the choice is yours.

4. Once you have your background paper adhered to the inside of the main card , it is now time to play the little joy inner card. You can mat this whole pice if you like or leave it plain. If you do mat the card – you will need to cut another smaller pice of white cardstock if you want the front panel of the smaller card to be white.


Cutting Measurements for White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack to create Joy Fold Card www.maz.closetomyheart.com.auOPTIONAL: Create a Belly Band to keep the card closed & it also creates a little fun extra embellishment to the card. To see an example of a card I created with a Belly Band check out the example over on my Facebook Page

Check out one I made Earlier over on Facebook

Head over to my Facebook Page to take a closer look at this card fold I made earlier in the month.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial & that you have a go at creating a Joy Fold Card yourself.

Till Next time


Funky Fold Card Tutorial

This is one funky fold & it is so simple but so effective to make.
I thought I would share with you how I created the card. This card features the Hostess Stamp Better with a Friend. Normally you have to earn Hostess rewards to get this stamp, but for this month only you can get this stamp for $6.50 (that is cheaper than what you can buy t with your hostess reward!) when you spend $32.50 on current, retail priced stamps. > Check out the Offer

A great way to get this is to stock up on all the stamps that will soon retire. This way you will not miss out on your favourite stamps that you still haven’t got & get a fab deal & really you only need two or more stamp set to get this for $6.50! > See Retiring Stamps


1. Cut your base card 21cm wide x 15cm tall. This will allow your folded card to fit in a standard C6 envelope for easy posting.

2. Score your card at 10.5cm so that it folds in half.

Funky Fold 1st step3. Cut down along the middle fold 3cm & cut off the top of the left hand panel – this will be your front & the right side will be your inside card. It should look this.


FunkyFold 2nd Step

4. Measure 3cm along the top & 6cm along the bottom & score a line. This will form a mountain fold & the front will sit at a jaunty angle on the front of the card.


Funky Fold 3rd step

5. Create your front panel for your stamp image. I made mine 6.5cm wide x 10cm tall. But I have also done a wider than tall front panel. Play with this measurement to work with your image. Sit it so that straight when close. This way when you open the card the front panel will be a slight angle.

For this card I added a Memory Book Glue Dots to hold the front fold down. But you do not have to do this.

Other products used:
ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ Markers
Silver Shimmer Trim
Exclusive Cardstock
– Scrap of My Reflections™ Scrapbook Chalk it Up B&T paper

Have fun creating this card & please share with me what you made using the instructions.