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Stamp of the Month - What a Hoot! Amazing artwork

Artfully Made 4 U
Has created some amazing pieces of artwork using Stamp of the Month – What a Hoot!

I made an amazing Blog discovering today that opened my eyes to the possibilities of one little stamp set! Can you believe from this stamp set below that this talented person created the card above?

What A Hoot – August 2014 Stamp of the Month

What A Hoot – August 2014 Stamp of the Month

Can you see how skilfully the front facing Owl has been turned into a Cat?

Not only that card but more.
Make sure you check out: Artfully Made 4 U
See how this satmp set has been turned into butterflies, Flowers, Popsicles & more!

And remember you only have TWO days left to get this stamp set for $5!

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