Compartmentalise Crafting

To help me be more creative everyday, I have started doing Compartmentalise Crafting.

Each day I choose something to create/make with no intention of what the outcome will be.

One day it could be making a bunch of backgrounds & another day die-cutting up some words or using the Cricut to cut out some icons.

Then from the pieces I have been creating a card. or a scrapbook layout

This is very different how I used to create a card from start to finish, something like this Best Wishes card if I had gone down that path would have taken me a whole day to complete.

The Best Wishes card which is one of the first things I created using this process.

I recall creating this background with Distress Oxide™ Inks & using stencils just for the fun. I did not care about the outcome or how it would be used later on, but it allowed me to play with colour & try things out.

When it came time to make this card I already had a bunch of Best Wishes cut out, so really the only thing I did the day I completed this card was stamp the Cherish—Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts + Stencil, used the stencil part to colour it with some Blending Brushes & decorated it with the Best Wishes. It was quick & made me feel like I accomplished something that day, even though most of the work was done on other days.

But on the other days when I wasn’t feeling as creative, I was still making, still creating. I was making & creating bits & pieces to use in my future crafting.

It was fun. How do you craft?

Do you do it all in one go, every single bit that goes into the project, work on a single piece over several days or crate bits & pieces for future projects with no real idea how it will be used?

What We’re Loving

Til next time, see you soon & keep creating!


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