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Quick & Easy & Affordable Scrapbooking that is super creative.

Want to start or get back into Scrapbooking, but not sure where to start?

Are you someone who says that I will never Scrapbook as I don’t have the time or I stopped Scrapbooking as I do not have the time? I can never Scrapbook as I am not creative? I can never Scrapbook as I have no where to store all the things I need & I cannot afford all the tools anyway or that is one of the reasons you stopped Scrapbooking?

Well I am here to help you solve those issues. The easiest & quickest & most affordable way to learn scrapbooking techniques, to get started or back into scrapbooking & looks like you look like you spent hours designing the layouts, but are in fact super fast, is with Craft with Heart™ Scrapbooking subscription

Seriously, not only does this Scrapbooking subscription help you preserve memories with all the occasions in your life, it super easy to put together – your layouts come together in minutes.

Scrapbooking had never been so Super Quick & Easy

Everything is cut for you (no more spending hours cutting up papers) & thanks to pre-printed base pages it is super quick. It takes about 15min to put together a 2 page layout – What 15min!

All you need to start is a Journaling Pen & your Favourite Adhesive

Just find your favourite adhesive – I recommend the Close To My Heart Adhesive Runner as it is easy to use & disposable & grab Journaling Pen to get started.

It doesn’t take up much room

If you have a small space this is a great kit for you to start this hobby as it takes up so little room, if you seen the amazing craft rooms stock floor to ceiling & think Oh I don’t have room for this hobby – well we all love to have a craft room like that but we do not all have the room – I certainly don’t have the room, but this takes up very little room.

What we give you

We give you memory protectors so your layouts can stay protected, easy to follow instructions. photo placeholder (in case you haven’t got around to printing those phots yet), complementary die-cuts and stickers so you can customise your layouts to suit your needs. The die-cuts and stickers even tell you which layout they go on – so it makes it easy for you.

Want to see what you Get?

Check out what you get in the Craft with Heart™ Scrapbooking subscription kit.

Visual learner?

No worries this video shows you how to put together the May–August Scrapbooking Kit – Super quick & easy.

Now that you know how you can start or get back into scrapbooking what are you waiting for? Check out the Craft with Heart™ Scrapbooking subscription today

Till Next Time, Keep Crafting


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