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How do you Scrapbook?

There are plenty of types of people out there that make up the scrapbooking community & everyone has their own way of scrapbooking that works for them.

It’s your scrapbook, you can make it look however you want!
Here are a bunch of different ways you can scrapbook your memories.

Close to My Heart’s Studio J is a FREE online digital scrapbooking design software Studio J/Purely Digital
Also known as digi scrapbooking, starts on the computer. The digital scrapbooker uses photo editing software to add clipart and templates to their digital photos, to preserve the memories. Designing a digital scrapbook is comparable to traditional scrapbooking, except your pages are created with your computer using a scrapbook software program. Close to My Heart’s Studio J is a FREE online digital scrapbooking design software that helps you easily create custom-printed two-page layouts using our foundational scrapbook patterns, exclusive colour palette, and themed designs all delivered in 12″ × 12″ custom prints ready for your albums. It’s a snap!

Traditional Scrapbooking with Close To My Heart's beautiful themed scrapbooking and papercrafting

Traditional Scrapbooking
If you prefer the hands on approach, like cutting papers and gluing embellishments to their page. Then you are into Traditional Scrapbooking. Traditional scrapbooking allows you to reach out and touch your embellishments. You can run your fingers across a ribbon and feel the embossing on letters.



Close To My Heart Picture My Life™ Scrapbooking ProgramPocket (Picture My Life/Project Life) Scrapbooker
It is a system designed around 3 x 4 and 6 x 4 pre cut cards which you insert into pockets in a page protector, along with photos. It is ideal for getting your memories into albums in a quick, no fuss way. Close To My Heart’s Picture My Life™ Scrapbooking Program have cards that have the same design on both sides. One side features the design vertically and the other side features it horizontally. This allows for flexibility in designing your overall pocket scrapbook page.


My Crush® Everyday Life Pages


My Crush (Smash Book ) Book
If you are looking for a fun way to journal ideas or keep lists, it’s time to Crush it with My Crush® Everyday Life Pages from Close to My Heart! This method requires no cutting and is so perfect for people on the go who want to keep track of their lives, trips and adventures! With no rules or requirements, they’re an “anything goes” type of scrapbook. Just attach your photos, ticket stubs, lists and any other ephemera you collect, add your journaling and you’re done!

Hybrid Scrapbooking
Hybrid scrapbooking is the combination of styles. It’s the best of both worlds. It can bridge the gap between traditional and digital scrapbooking by combining elements of both. For instance, print your pages & then add embellishments. Or create a hybrid of Pocket Scrapbooking with Traditional Scrapbooking to allow you to add extra journalling or photos to your traditional layout. Create digital journalling pocket cards & add to your pocket or traditional scrapbook. Smash in your life onto a traditional scrapbook page – Hybrid is a mix & match of different ways of scrapbooking all into one.

Whatever way you scrapbook, the end result is the same – you create beautiful works of art which are unique and sentimental to you or the person you make something for.

Remember what I wrote at the beginning?

It’s your scrapbook, you can make it look however you want!

The important thing is to preserve your memories & in the process exercise your creativity. The method that is right for you is the one that makes your heart sing. Have a go of them all to see what works for you.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to check out this article…see you soon.



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