I’m NEW to decorating Planners…

Ok I am VERY NEW to the whole decorating planners and Close to My Heart released this gorgeous new line called Everyday Life™ and part of this new line is this sweet black album & planner pages. So I jumped on board & got myself a Planner Bundle (sorry 😦 but the planner bundle price is now over) and then when it arrived I kind of stared at it!

Anyway it was a little overwhelming to start on a blank canvas on something you have not done before, but hey – it still involves all stamping, cardmaking, scrapbooking & papercraft supplies so that is a bonus!

It means I don’t have to go & buy new things just for my planner, although I most likely will, but at least I can use that product for my other papercrafting & all my stuff can used in the same way but just on a planner!

Being New to this I know I will go Crazy & Experiment to work out what works best for me. One of the best things I read when researching what people do in their planners is

It’s your planner, so you should do whatever makes you happy because that will make you use your planner and motivate yourself to stay organised.

So not so sure about the whole organised part – I like to think I am organised but really I’m not.

But I love the whole makes me happy part.

Anyway I have got my list of must have’s ready for my new planner. I am not saying that these are all MUST haves – there are a tonne of blog post that list must have items, these are a few things that I am going to be using as a NEW planner decorator.

I know as I play with my new planner I will add & take things away, depending on how they work for me & if they make me happy & if I can keep up with it.

I hope you will share with me your experiences with planners whether your new to it like me or have been decorating planners for a long time & remember to join the Live your Day Gathering to be in the draw to win the January Mystery Hostess & for a chance to get a FREE roll of gold foil tape.

Mystery Hostess - oin the Live Your Day Gathering, make an order $30 or more & you will get a FREE Roll of Foil tape, sent separately, PLUS you go into the draw of wining the Mystery Hostess. You could win FREE product & possibly up to 50% off product. Names will be drawn Jan 30, 2016 - Good Luck

Also make sure you take the time to round up your order & donate some money to Operation Smile™, an organization that provides free, life-changing surgery that repairs smiles and reshapes lives, one child at a time.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the ramblings of a new planner decorator…see you soon.



2 responses to “I’m NEW to decorating Planners…”

    • Cool great, glad you enjoying it. Like the idea of making pages withe the Cricut so will try that. Seen so many wonderful ideas that other consultants are doing- I just have to play & find what my planner decorated style is. Thanks for stopping by & reading.

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