CTMH Consultant Creativity Showcase

I just got back from our little Aussie Close To My Heart Convention in Brisbane, QLD.

While I cannot share with you all the yummy new goodies we have installed for you just yet… (if you been following me on my Facebook page or my instagram account you would have seen a few sneak peeks), I can share with you what I done for for the Consultant Creativity Showcase.

What is the Consultant Creativity Showcase?

It is where Consultant share their amazing creative artwork, filling attendees’ heads with an incredible amount of ideas for what to do with all that is in the annual idea book.

We get to set up on tables around the room & be there to answer any questions on how things have been made, where we got our ideas & inspiration from.

This was my little set up.Creativity Showcase

Some of these items you have already seen on my blog but some are new. I think even if some things have been seen before – it is still nice to be able to see it close up in person. Plus it gives a real opportunity for people to really ask the questions that they wanted to know.

It is a fun part of convention that I love – because I LOVE to share what I make & what I do  (best part of being a CTMH Consultant is sharing your passion for papercrafting) and I get to see what others are creating & boy there were some amazing ideas there that night. I got AAS (Artwork Awe Syndrome) looking at all the stuff!

Artwork Awe Syndrome is a real disease, and that there is nothing you can do to prevent it. AAS’s primary symptoms include stopping dead in your tracks, dropping your jaw, gasping, and staring with widened eyes, accompanied by temporary disorientation and an inability to speak or form coherent thoughts. AAS is caused when one sees exceptionally beautiful, fun, or innovative papercrafting artwork.

All Conventions goers experience AAS at some point, so don’t fret when it hits you. Everyone will understand.

You too could experience this – Going to convention, seeing sneak peeks of new product releases, meeting new creative friends, learning new ideas & sharing your passion for scrapbooking, cardmaking & papercraft with other like minded people. Being a CTMH consultant is FUN & you are always welcome to join us.

Enjoy, I hope this gives you a little insight to the life of a CTMH consultant & what happens at Convention.


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