Happy World Card Making Day

It’s world card making day and I want to celebrate with you!

What is World Card Making Day?

World Card Making Day begun in 2006 as National Card Making Day. It was established by Paper Crafts journal to get card makers collectively at the start of the busiest card-making period of the season and well became popular amoungst cardmakers & papercrafter & grew from there to become World Card Making Day

How to celebrate the day

This special day is perfect for you, and everybody like you who adores card making. It’s a planet-wide occasion, full of wide-open pleasure and originality.

Call your own crafting friends, request the sitter, enter certain frozen pizzas for the family members, make your hubby busy in some other work before the football game, carry out whatever you need to do, then again produce this day regarding you as well as your card making!

Get your supplies out, check out Pinterest for some ideas & just get started!

Join my online Gathering which Celebrates You so you can replenish your crafting supplies after a busy day of cardmaking.


People give each other cards to celebrate birthdays, weddings, achievements and more, as well as to commiserate or support. But how much does your sentiment mean, if it’s simply bought from a retail chain with little thought?

Take some time this Card Making Day and create something heartfelt from scratch, and show the recipient that you’ve really thought about them.

Happy World Card Making Day


What do you think?

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