Mailing Tip: Make Sure it Fits

I love to get handmade cards in the mail. Love it when you open that mailbox and there’s a hand-made card waiting for you? Much better than all that junk mail. And now days I get my bills online so my mail box doesn’t get to see much action until I get something sent in the mail.

But the extra thick or lumpy cards may require extra postage and if it’s not added before you mail it, the recipient may be charged when the card is delivered. We don’t want that, do we? It cost enough to send pretty mail as it is without adding the extra cost.

Here’s a quick and easy way to check if your card will make it through the postal guidelines for thickness…

Mailing Tip: Make Sure it Fits

The slot on most paper trimmers is 1/4” wide. This just happens to be the maximum thickness allowed for cards and letters. Slip the card into the envelope, then slide it through the slot on your paper trimmer. If it fits… it ships! Otherwise add that extra postage or hand deliver.

To check the weight, use a digital kitchen scale. While it comes in handy for cooking, you can also use it to weigh mail to get the postage right. Just buy a scale that you can easily read the display once the mail (box or envelope) is on it.

Send some happy mail today!


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