Gratitude Journal 2015 – Day 6 & 7

Well I had some minor first world problems – my internet access went down.

So today I bring you day 6 & 7.

Day 6

Gratitude Journal 2015 - Where I Live Page for the Year Noted National Papercrafting Month CTMH
Where I live – I live across the road from a salt water lake & down the road from the beach, a short drive to the mountains (well an escarpment) & a slightly longer drive to rainforest. A lovely unique part of Australia – the black space is a mat for a photo which I hope to take & print over the weekend.

 Day 7

Gratitude Journal 2015- Internet Page for the Year Noted National Papercrafting Month CTMH internet – it connects me, gives me info, entertains me & well I would not being doing the job I have today if it didn’t exist.

I work as a digital producer. So this wonderful invention has really changed my life – I know what life was before I had 24 hour access to it – I’m an eighties kid in Australia so did not grow up with it.

And well I know what my life is like when it goes down – it is havoc at work – it doesn’t bother me too much at home as I like to disconnect at times but it is frustrating when you want to make a post & cannot!

I also realise that my minor frustration is nothing, compared to some people in the world who cannot connect or if they can connect, they do not have the same access or freedom as I do.

Now if only Australia can catch up on the speed of connection with the rest of the 1st World!


What do you think?

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