Gratitude Journal 2015 – Day 3, 4 & 5

I did not skip days 3 & 4 it just happened on the weekend & I went away with my family – some quality time before heading back to work today.

So in that note Day 3 & 4 was inspired by that weekend

Day 3

Gratitude page: Family CTMH National Papercraft month Year Noted Kit my family & the love & the support that they give me.

Day 4

Gratitude page: Time CTMH Picture My life Card Love the time I get to do things like spending a whole weekend with my family, time to create art, draw & make papercraft items, read or do nothing but sit & enjoy the time being there in the moment.

Day 5

Gratitude page: Work Friends. CTMH My Crush™ Assortments Page one is inspired by being back at work – I work with some pretty amazing, lovely & sweet people (& no I am not earning brownie point – I do not think any of them read this blog?)

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