Gratitude Journal 2015 – Day 1

Ok after some earlier inspiration from theeverydayscrapbooker I have decided to take the Gratitude Journal challenge – eek!

Hopefully the motivation I have today will continue for the rest of the year.

Deciding what I would journal on was next on the agenda.

It needs to be portable – or some part of it can be so that I can record my Gratitude on the go – I am on a train about 4hours of my life  5 days a week – so there is my time to record.

The next issue is when to find time to decorate – it has to be creative, decorated & include the things I love. Sure it could be a note book but I would lose interest in that quick. And making things pretty with paper is just my thing!

My Options are:

In the end I have decided to go with Picture My Life Cards – because it is a simple surface that is mostly decorated so part of the work is done. They are an easy surface to create on, play on, and try things without worrying about making a masterpiece.

I can concentrate on the process and embracing imperfection & taking time for myself to do something creative.

They are easy to take with me & decorate on the train, even if it is with just a journaling pen, as most of the decoration has already been done.

Eek I am excited about this. It took me most of yesterday – first day of the year to decide what to do, that I am only posting Day 1 now.

Day 1

CTMH Grateful For Today  - Artfully Sent Picture My Life Card for my Gratitude Journal

Hopefully once I hit publish that it is out in the world – I will keep this up. Stay Tuned for Day 2 later today.

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