Dec SOTM 2014: Cutie Pie Cupcake Jar get supplies from

Cupcake in a Jar

I don’t know why – but things look better in a jar!
I really liked this idea of transporting & presenting the individual cupcake to the special someone. Plus they get to keep the decorated jar to store other pretty things inside.

Dec SOTM 2014: Cutie Pie Cupcake Jar get supplies from

This jar already had a black chalk label printed on it but that could be done in cardstock or even chalkboard paint – you don’t need it.

It was pretty simple to decorate with the lovely shimmer trim on the rim of the lid & wrapping a strip of pattern paper around the main part of the jar.

The only thing now left to do is find or bake a mini cupcake to go inside & use my cupcake topper. It has to be mini because the opening is too small for the top of a regular size cupcake as I found out by testing some recently baked cupcakes.

Oh well an excuse to get more cupcakes!

Remember you can get this very cute as a cupcake stamp set either a the full retail price is $27 or when you place an order of $75 or more in Close to my heart products it you can get yours for just $5

That is about 80% savings!

Also spending that $75 or more entitles you this month the Deal of the Decade! where you can purchase a C- or D-size stamp sets from the Annual Inspirations 2014–2015 idea book for only $10!



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