Rock & Roll Stamping

Rock & Roll Stamping

No not Dancing (although that is fun too) – But yes stamping!
It is a great way to get two colours onto your stamped image.
Rock & Roll Stamping


  1. Tap stamp on light-coloured ink pad.
  2. Press edges of stamp in a rolling motion on darker ink pad, being careful not to ink the centre of the stamp.


  1. Always use the lightest coloured ink first to avoid getting dark ink on your light ink pad.
  2. This technique works best when using a bold stamp image.

This card – using some of the stamps out of the free C-sized stamp set #30yearsofhappy and it makes a sweet little gift card for a present.

To get your exclusive C-sized stamp set #30yearsofhappy for FREE* just spend $30 on any current retail-priced stamps during the month of September.

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