In honour of our founder and CEO Jeanette Lynton’s 30-year anniversary in the stamping and scrapbooking industry, we’re offering you a special deal!

When you place an order totaling $75^ during the month of June, you can add your choice of one of six great gift collections to your order for just $30. Yes you read it right $30!!

Just check out the great collections that you can get.
Shop online buy some amazing products & when you reach over $75 the system will let you know that you qualify for this month’s Stamp of the month: Kaboom which you can add to your cart for $5 as well as the Celebrate 30! where you can pick one of the below for $30!

Just click on the links in the Congratulations! You qualify for Stamp Of the Month and Celebrate 30! and it will take you to where you can add a collection & SOTM to your cart.

If you order $150 you can add two collections, if you order $225 you get three & so forth.

Think of the savings you can get yourself a stamp of the month set valued at $24 & one or more of these colections valued at least $75 – some even as high as $85 for $30!

Take advantage of these savings and snag your own collection for just $30. It may be Jeanette’s anniversary – but you get the gift!

*Offer valid 1–30 June 2014. Shipping/handling based on the subtotal of the OBA order or Gathering order ($9.50 AUD / $11.50 NZD for orders less than $150 AUD / $180 NZD; $19.50 AUD / $23.50 NZD for orders between $150 AUD / $180 NZD and $549.99 AUD / $649.99 NZD; $29.50 AUD / $35.50 NZD for orders $550 AUD / $650 NZD and above. The promotional price of the gift collection ($30) will count towards these thresholds.


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