Another part of the picture

I love to create things & I thought it was high time that I share what else I create. One of the things that I love to create are illustrations.

This is something that I can do easily on my travels to & from work – it is a bit harder to take scissors on a train & start cutting up paper – believe me I have tried & have often finished off cards on the train.

It is much easier to sit with the laptop & draw in illustrator or take out an art journal & draw into that.

For the past 4 nearly five weeks I have been taking part in the 52-Week Illustration Challenge. This challenge is helping me to reconnect with art. Freeing myself to get creative. This last week the challenge was to draw a fish. Below is my attempt.

Fish for Sale: Illustration
Illustration: Part of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge Week 19 Fish. ‪#‎illo52weeks‬

While the things I do may not seem to go together they do to me. I often draw up a design that I will make into a card or a scrapbook layout. And I have started to scrap some picture of the things that I have drawn.

I have even incorporated some drawing into a hand bound art book. As I done with some life drawings & made it into a flag book.

The Lake: Illustration
The Lake: Life drawings taken into mono-printing then edited in photoshop to create a hand bound book

So hopefully you will let me share with you some of my other illustrations as I create them & allow them to mix & mingle with my handmade cards, scrapbooks & other crafty ideas that I come up with.  And hopefully as time permits I can share with you how I mix & mingle the two different areas of craft.

Ruffled & Shimmering Petals
Ruffled & Shimmering Petals: Part digital, part watercolour piece. Printed now into an art Journal.

As I continue on with the 52-Week Illustration Challenge – I still have nearly 20 weeks of catch up to do – I will share with you some more of my other creative pursuits.

Now part of this week  WordPress Photo Challenge: topic is work of art!


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