Scrapbook Creations Prize

Winners are Grinners

Well I came home to a very happy prize today. I had commented on

How Many Copic Markers Do You Own?

On Scrapbook Creations blog & I won a prize!

Scrapbook Creations Prize
Scrapbook Creations Prize for commenting on ‘How Many Copic Markers Do You Own?’

And check out the cutest bow on the gift tag will you. It is just the sweetest thing. I think I may have to steal that idea it is just too cute not to use it somewhere.

Papercraft Bow Gift Tag
Papercraft Bow Gift Tag

Oh if you are wondering just how many copics I own well check out my comment on Scrapbook Creations blog. Not sure if you believe that I own that many?

Now why is it Monday I want to play with my new toys but I will not get any real time to do that until the weekend.




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