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Crafting a photo frame box & card

Crafting Gifts

My niece has a birthday party to go too & needed to give a gift to her friend. Have you been shopping with a 12 yr old tweenager lately OMG! I never knew this was so hard you have to have patience & know what ever you suggest or say you are WRONG!

Somehow we managed to find this box with a photo frame lid (sigh of relief we found something that was not stupid, dumb idea or just plain wrong!) then it was a matter of picking photos to go inside.

So my niece was arguing how now all the photos that she wanted would not fit into the frames, that the photo frame box which we had now purchased was not going to work & we would have to find something else.

Luckily I was not shot down when I said to scrapbook the photos in the frame & make the gift a little bit more personal & meaningful to her friend. Oh boy I think we hit on something that was a good idea.

I said I would help her & that she could go through my stash & pick whatever she wanted to create the gift. I think my sister was most grateful at this point. (this was after an hour & half going from shop to shop to find something)

So with only a little bit of help my niece made mini scrap pages in the frames & a matching card. I really think she did a great job.

Although I am sure my niece’s friend will like what is inside the box more than the outside – chocolates… Kids!

Products used
White Daisy Circle Spin Cards & Envelopes
Picture My Life™ Skylark Scrapbooking Program
Sparkles Clear Flourishes – Small
Teal Shimmer Trim
My Crush™ Memories Assortment

Have you been crafting with a teen, tweenager lately?
Let me know how it went…


3 responses to “Crafting Gifts”

  1. I have a teenage step daughter that I think about asking to help me work on some family scrapbooks. Not sure if it is a good idea or not, but if I do I will try to report on how it went. 🙂


    • I hope it goes well for you they are either engaged in doing it or think it is a chore – or secretly like it but do not want to let you know… Good luck I hope it goes well for you.


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