Manchester United Birthday Card & Present

What to make for a Manchester United Fan

So what kind of card do you make someone who is turning thirty & is a mad Manchester United fan?

A number 30 with the 0 represented as a soccer (or as I have been told to say football) ball that’s what.

Considering this was a late night effort (very last minute) this card turned out really well.

While it doesn’t feature any stamping (Oh My what no stamping?) it does use the the Cricut® Artbooking Collection.

The football (soccer ball) & the  number three along with Happy & th were all cut out using this cartridge.
The ball was covered in Liquid Glass to give it the glossy glassy look that new footballs have. The lollies were just wrapped in the Manchester United colours made from cardstock. The only thing I couldn’t make was the logo which was printed from a googled image.

And check out the spread that was put on. A yummy backed cheesecake, Salted Carmel Truffles & Brownies.

Ae you or someone you know a Manchester United fan?
Would this work for you or the person you know?

Considering all I know about football is that it is played with a round ball I think I did ok.


What do you think?

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