Pretty Packaging makes Treats Pretty Tempting

Tantalising Treats

Pretty Packaging makes Treats Pretty Tempting

One of the easiest ways to make packaging for your treats is by using the Cricut. The Cricut can cut your packaging from teeny tiny (great for an individually wrapped lolly) to up to a package that will fit on a 12in x 12in scrapbook page.

Pretty Packaging makes Treats Pretty Tempting
Pretty Packaging makes Treats Pretty Tempting

I used the Cricut & the Cricut® Artiste Collection cartridge to create both the bag & the little popcorn box. The cat on the popcorn box & chocolates was made using the generic images that are already pre-loaded onto the Cricut. From there it is easy to just decorate how you want too.

Cricut® Artiste Collection
Cricut® Artiste Collection

The Cricut® Artiste Collection cartridge is great value for $130 you get:

– Cartridge (700 images: themed projects, cards, fonts, shapes, and 3-D items)
– My Acrylix™ D-size stamp sets
– 12″ × 9″ Dimensional Elements (3 sheets of different shapes)

The stamps fit neatly onto the dimensional elements & can also be cut out using the Cricut® Artiste Collection cartridge. Meaning that if you want your favourite pattern paper the same shape as a Dimensional element you can cut it perfectly. The packaging tells you what size to cut out your shapes to fit onto dimensional elements.

If you use up your favourite dimensional elements you can always buy more of these separately.

Have you tried out the Cricut?
Next time you need to make some quick & easy packaging I suggest you try out the Cricut & the Cricut® Artiste Collection cartridge The 3D items in the set makes packaging a breeze.


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