Inky Sketch: Picture My Life

Take the guesswork out of designing a fabulously simple scrapbook layouts by using a Sketch as a jumping of point. Scrapbook page sketches which are the perfect way to jump start the scrapbooking process. The sketches are a guide or drawing of an idea for a scrapbook page layout.

I thought that this sketch was perfect to incorporate the Picture My Life™ Scrapbooking Program cards within my traditional scrapbooking. I used 2.5in x 2.5in photos on the cards which made great photo mats & added extra interest to the scrapbook page. I only changed a few minor things from the sketch but the main layout has been used.

For those who do not know what Picture My Life™ Scrapbooking Program is – It is a spend-more-time-making-the-memories-rather-than-preserving-them project! It is a way to document events and bits of your life that you don’t get excited about scrapbooking, but still want to record.

It includes 122 cards
44 – 4″ × 6″ Cards (2 each of 22 designs)
78 – 3″ × 4″ Cards (3 each of 26 designs)

Each design is unique & theme specific that allows you to work a photo a day or focus in on your memory.

And to top it off you can use these cards any way you like – you don’t have to use them in Pocket Pages.

You can use these cards in traditional scrapbooking like I have.
Or use them as note card, gift tags on presents – the ideas are endless.

All items used in this project can be purchased through my online shop

Sketches from Artymaz's inky fingers are for personal use only.
The sketches MAY NOT be used to create classes or kits or "workshops"
Or any other item for resale by other scrapbook stores or by individuals.
Artymaz's inky fingers sketches MAY NOT be copied or reproduced for resale by individuals or businesses
Or transmitted electronically in any form for resale by individuals or businesses.
Artymaz's inky fingers sketches are copyrighted.
Please abide by the above restrictions.
I work hard to create unique content for my readers to enjoy.
You may pin the sketch as long as it is credited to the Artymaz's inky fingers blog.
Thank you


2 responses to “Inky Sketch: Picture My Life”

  1. Love how you have used these cards from the Picture Your Life programme to mat your photos. I have just done the same thing but put the cards in the page protectors from the programme. 🙂


    • Thanks. I also have some done some the same way in the multi pocket page protectors & thought this would be a great way to combine traditional scrapbooking with the Picture My life scrapbooking and have them in the same album.


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