The wonders of Washi Tape

WashiI am pretty sure you’ve seen washi tape inspired crafts and paper goods popping up everywhere! OR

perhaps you don’t spend as much time working out ways to quickly dress up your invites or decorate up a place setting like I do….

If you haven’t come across washi tape I know you are going to love it.

So what is this Washi tape?
Well ………

It is a decorative and adhesive tape perfect for embellishing take home treats, place cards, invites etc. This product is so versatile so simple and so not messy.

Feels like masking tape. Is surprisingly robust.
The surface is slightly waxy. It can be cut or torn.
It sticks well to a variety of surfaces.

It originates from Japan ‘Washi’ comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper.

And this creative tape is real eye candy. I mean check out this gold polka dot beauty that I used to jazz up a throw away picnic set. It is just divine.

All I did was cut up the cardboard tubing from wrapping paper to create the napkin rings, then stuck the washi tape around it. I just happen to brought gold plastic knifes & Forks so it all tied in really well.

The beauty of washi tape is that there are so many different colours, patterns & widths that there really is no limit to what you can use it on.

Have you used any Wash Today?


What do you think?

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