Should Blue and Green be Seen Together?

Well if they shouldn’t be, then someone better tell Mother Nature!

Despite the old saying – “blue and green should be never seen without a colour in between” – the truth is, these two colours are great together.

And thankfully now days more & more patterned paper is doing this combination. Take CTMH Skylark paper pack with the lovely pale blues & greens, while it does include a Kraft Brown in there.

Blue & Green SkylarkYou don’t have to place it in between the blue & green to make something that looks great.

I think with any colour combination you are always going to find an example where it doesn’t work – it is more about the tone of the colour then the actual combination itself. I also think the trick is to ensure that one colour does not overwhelm the other & ensure that they are all of the same intensity and undertone.

Have fun working with your Skylark paper pack & working with Blue & Green.


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