My favourite craft/art project I created in 2013

I made a lot of things in 2013 – some not quite finished (scrapbook  pages & half completed off the page projects that I lost interest in) a lot that I gave away to friends & family – mostly cards that I made for peoples birthdays  or for people leaving the work office.

But I think my favourite project that I completed last year was…..

Stencilling Techniques as shown by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer during the CJS 2013 video – three ways to use your stencils. I pulled out the couple of stencils that I owned & made this tag.

It was so much fun that I think it led to a a small buying spree of stencils. This year over on CSJ2014 Julie has now got me hooked on mono printing again! – Something I once did as an art student but now want to incorporate into my papercraft work. Oh boy off to have some fun who knows what I might create will become my 2014 fav project!


What do you think?

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