What inspires you?


Today I was asked that question by Nat over on her Creative Jumpstart and thought I am inspired by loads of things.

I am inspired:

Each thing offers me different inspiration at different times – it could be a colour  I see, a pattern or texture that I love. It could be just a perfect photo op that I want to scrap. Or something could spark emotions that I want to get down on paper  or on my laptop through drawing, writing painting. It is that feeling I get when I see something that I know in my head what I can do with this.

It makes me feel all giddy & happy & excited that I will get to play with an idea -even if it is just jotting it down in my note book at the time to be explored later. It is also why I am off on tangents most times exploring a bunch of different ideas at once or going full ball crazy in one idea that totally consumes me at the time.

I am constantly inspired, my heart is always open to possibilities & ideas – it is getting that inspiration out into full finished pieces that I have trouble with!

What inspires you?


What do you think?

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